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Vegetarian Spring Rolls

I’ll admit it; I like to snack, especially during the summer when my schedule is more sporadic – bouncing back and forth between work, the beach, surfing, and various BBQ’s. These spring rolls are a delicious, healthy way to snack. They also make an awesome appetizer.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Brown Rice Spring Roll Wrappers (10 inch recommended)
Avocado, thinly sliced
Zucchini, grated
Carrots, grated
Mint Leaves
Organic Peanut Butter
Red Pepper
Chia Seeds
Dunk a spring roll wrapper in lukewarm water. Similar to making a burrito, layer the lettuce, avocado, and the peanut butter in the brown rice wrapper. Sprinkle the red pepper and chia seeds on top of the veggies and peanut butter. Top with a mint leave. Roll the rice paper gently over the filling making sure to fold in the ends. Feel free to enjoy with reduced sodium soy sauce.
This recipe comes to us from chooseveg.com and had been modified to benefit your health. Enjoy!

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