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Trees For Life International – Company Review

I chose to write about Trees For Life International for a few reasons.

1. I like what they stand for
2. They are major Moringa Proponents (if not the leading proponents)
3. The people are great

Trees For Life International is a great organization in that they not only have a noble cause of helping people out now, but their organization looks towards the future as well. I think that’s extremely important personally. Is immediate aid important, yes absolutely, but how are you making things better for the future? Let’s take a look at the initiatives of Trees For Life.

1. The Moringa Tree

  • Trees For Life just so happens to be one of the world leading proponents of the Moringa Oleifera Tree. If you are not familiar with Moringa it is truly a Miracle tree. 3 moringa leafFirst, the tree itself can grow (and grow fast) in places where more traditional crops would falter. The tree produces fruit (seedpods) which can be consumed or pressed to release a very beneficial oil. This oil can be used on the skin or even as an extremely clean burning cooking oil! The pressed seed pods can then be reused to purify water as they have the uncanny ability to attract particles and contaminates. Finally you come to the most spectacular part about the plant, its leaves. The leaves of the Moringa Oleifera Tree have been called “Natures Medicine Cabinet” because of the vast array of nutritional value. Ounce for ounce some of arguably the most nutrient dense plant matter in the world, dried moringa leaves contain all the essential amino acids, more calcium than milk, more protein than yogurt and more iron than spinach.And we have really only scratched the surface to what this amazing tree can really do. The agricultural applications are still being researched and that is one of the major initiatives of Trees For Life is continue to propagate the amazing information about this tree to drive awareness, but also continue research to develop even more applications. As Moringa is also one of my favorite plants and I believe there to be a massive worldwide awakening about to happen in regards to this tree, I am glad to know a reputable organization such as Trees For Life is leading the charge. You can download their Moringa Report Here.

2. Books For Life International

  • In an ongoing effort to educate and bring prosperity to all the corners of the world, Books For Life International introduces children in developing countries to the joy of reading and provides books so it can continue.

3. Planting Fruit Trees

  • The long term goal her as with the rest of the initiatives is to not only feed and educate, but also empower people in developing nations to take control of their lives and their futures through agriculture (planting of fruit trees) and education.

4. General Education

  • As referenced above and in conjunction with all of the efforts Trees For Life reaches out to the young and old alike to empower and educate them for the future.

5. Fuel Efficient Cook Stoves

  • An amazingly easy way to dramatically change the lives of many in 3rd world countries is to provide them with an efficient way to cook the food they eat. By reducing the amount of labor and needed to cook their food and the hazords associated with cooking over an open fire, you can dramatically increase not only odds of survival, but also quality of life.

So all in all, Trees FOr Life is out there, day in and day out working to provide better futures for the less fortunate through argicultre and education. The company stands firmly rooted in the premise that empowering a person is much more important than simply feeding them. I can completely agree with that and the company and I want to just take a moment to say thtnk you to them.

You can learn more and donate to their cause at Trees For Life .org


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