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The Benefits of Chlorella (chlorella vulgaris) – Superfoods 101


Maybe you have not heard of Chlorella yet, only its more famous cousin, Spirulina.  Well, move over spirulina, because Chlorella is here to stay.

Chlorella is a green algae as opposed to the blue green algae of spirulina and the health benefits are slightly different.

Enjoy the Superfoods 101 Video  – The Benefits of Chlorella (chlorella vulgaris)

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  • The good part about the
    protein found in chlorella is that it has all the essential amino acids in
    polypeptide chains in it. That straightaway means – you’re getting the purest
    and richest form of natural protein.

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  • I am taking chlorella for about 6 months and recommended it to 15 people, never heard of it caused vomiting. I am very pleased with Chlorella results.Because of it’s good result i will take it in future also.

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