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Teenage Girls Love their Junk Food

Teenage girls eat way worse than teenage boys and older women, according to the preliminary results of a National Diet and Nutrition Survey conducted in the United Kingdom. Who would have ever thought?
According to the survey, the average teenage girl consumes 54 grams (1.9 ounces) of French fries per day. Compare that to 40 grams per day consumed by women ages 19 to 65. Teen girls eat 14 grams of potato chips and other salty snack every day, 22 grams of chocolate and other candies, 37 grams of cakes and cookies. Adult women consumed only 6 grams, 10 grams and 27 grams of these foods each day, respectively.
Teen girls get an average of 15% of their daily calories from sugar, a little better than boys who get 16.3% of their daily calories from sugar. This is in comparison to the recommended MAX of 11%. Teenage girls get an average of 13.1% of their daily calories from saturated fat, compared to boys who get 12.7% and compared to the 11% recommended daily maximum.
Not only are teen girls eating way too much junk food, they aren’t eating enough overall. They feel short on consumption of fruits and vegetables, averaging only 2.8 servings per day compared to the recommended value of 5 servings per day. A measly 7% were eating the recommended value each day. In addition, teen girls aren’t eating enough iron-rich foods placing them at risk of anemia.
Junk food isn’t the only way teen girls are being healthy. The survey reported that 29% of teen girls smoke cigarettes, compared to a mere 16% of teen boys. Teenage girls reported that on average 11% of girls ages 13 to 15 were drinking alcohol weekly compared to only 1% of boys the same age. Wow! Those numbers are shockingly high to me.
Teenage girls desperately need to change their eating styles and overall lifestyles if they wish to live healthy, long, happy lives.

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