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Sweating Promotes Good Health

Feel free, sweat away! It promotes good health after all. Who would have thought that sweating – something that is looked at as, at least slightly, disgusting and annoying – could lead to good health. Well the research is in, and that is exactly what they found.

Xu Qian, director of the infectious diseases department at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital found that sweating is a natural part of keeping your body healthy. Avoiding sweating from summer heat can actually cause harm to your body. So go ahead and throw out that deodorant, it could be causing you harm! Well… maybe I wouldn’t take it that far, at least not while at work or out on a date.

A more realistic solution could be to not blast your AC. Not only will it be helping out your immune system but it’ll also give your energy bill a big break.
Qian was quoted saying, “people should go with the rules of nature. Summer is the time to sweat. It’s a natural process for the body to respond to the outside environment, and adjust itself through the constricting of blood vessels and nerves.”

True, excessively sweating without replenishing your water, electrolyte, and healthy salt supply can be bad; however, studies found that not sweating at all can be even worse – putting a strain on your health. Sweating also helps your skin to eliminate toxins from your body. Moral of the story: let your body sweat! It’s a natural process so let it happen. Your body and skin will be healthier as a result.

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    • yea normal amounts of sweat are completely healthy and are great for detoxification and cardiovascular health. I know a few people who might sweat a bit too much though as well 🙂

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