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Gotta love the grass.

Come on you know when you were a kid you ate some grass right?  See that was just the holistic nutritionist in you trying to express itself.

Wanna learn more?

Watch the Superfoods 101 video below outlining the benefits of Wheatgrass.

Our world is presently enveloped with toxic products, which are deemed to be harmful to people. Some of the foods that we take in are creatively masked allowing them to slowly and silently cause damage to our bodies. Wheatgrass is a natural and nutritious way to not only add in beneficial and lacking nutrients from our daily lives, but also detox our bodies from the variety of toxins it is presented with on a daily basis.

What is Wheatgrass? 

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Wheatgrass came from the cotyledons of a popular wheat plant that possesses the scientific name of Triticum gestivum. Although it is strongly linked with the family of wheat, wheatgrass still has the appearance of a usual lawn grass during its first stage of maturation process.

This superfood has been found to have essential contents such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, fiber, and the green pigment called chlorophyll. Based on the studies that were performed by health experts, wheatgrass is very beneficial to human health since it has unique set of nutrients that can strengthen the body. Moreover, its nutrients are considered to be helpful in curing certain ailments that are common among human beings.


Where Does Wheatgrass Come From? 


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Wheatgrass first became known among the Western countries and it had become popular due to the experiment that was initiated by the agricultural chemist Charles Francis Schnabel in Kansas, America during the early years of 1930.

Schnabel’s experiment involved hens which are in the verge of death during that time. And, the hens got better from their bad condition after feeding the animals with the young grass. Aside from this, Schnabel also witnessed an increase in the hens’ egg production upon tending to them with the grass.

The agricultural chemist’s study became well-known and it allowed two of the largest companies in the United States (American Dairies Inc. and Quaker Oats) to invest in the one-of-a-kind project of generating products from the young grass. Eventually, pulverized grass product by the American chemist was sold in large drugstores all over Canada as well as United States.  The trick now since wheatgrass has become industrialized, is still finding the quality manufactures of this product that do not destroy the nutritional vibrancy of the grass during the manufacturing process.

What Are The Nutritional Benefits of Wheatgrass? 

Wheatgrass is a nutritionally very diverse and carries with it a variety of health benefits and nutritionally supports the following:

Fiber- One of the distinctive characteristic of this superfood is its high fiber content. According to health experts, fiber is useful in maintaining a regular bowel movement. One can indulge with the healthy food digestion that can be anticipated from an adequate intake of wheatgrass whether it is in its powdered or juice form.

Antibacterial- We think of artificial medications when we hear the word antibiotic. However, we can also gain an antibacterial effect from taking in just the right amount of wheatgrass. As a matter-of-fact, it has been found out through various studies that this superfood also has fair amount of antibiotic quality that becomes helpful in relieving the symptoms of infection. In line with this, wheatgrass may also be used as a topical antibiotic for skin wounds by applying small amounts of the said superfood on the affected site.

Pain Relief- It may seem difficult to believe that this type of young grass also possesses a quality of easing bodily discomforts. In fact, studies show that gargling wheatgrass juice can actually relieve the pain caused by sore throat.

Chlorophyll- Wheatgrass, like green leaves, is known to have the green pigment called chlorophyll. It has been discovered through studies that this pigment can actually help in having a smooth digestion. Additionally, chlorophyll from wheatgrass also affects the odor of one’s breath. Wheatgrass has a distinctive characteristic in which it can minimize the intensity of bad breath.

Chlorophyll has the same chemical structure as our red blood cell pigment known as the hemoglobin. Production of hemoglobin will also be enhanced with the help of the chlorophyll coming from the wheatgrass. Hence, the capability of the red blood cells to carry oxygen will also be greatly improved.

The human body will experience exceptional health benefit once the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood has been heightened. These advantages include cleansing of the blood impurities as well as detoxification of contaminants. A fortified blood cell will have greater force when it comes to fighting the poisonous carbon monoxide, heavy metals, as well as the harmful contents of cigar.

Nutrients- Wheatgrass also has a fair amount of vitamins and minerals as compared to other known superfoods in the market. This young grass contains various nutrients such as: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron. These nutrients are very essential when it comes to strengthening one’s immune system.

Skin health- The superfood can also be used for the purpose of having a fair-looking skin. According to recent studies, wheatgrass may be used with other medications in treating certain skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Wheatgrass Supplements-

wheat grass powder and tablets

Producers of wheatgrass sell their product in the form of either powder concentrate or juice. Furthermore, wheatgrass products are also available as juice bars wherein some are drank purely while some are combined with other fruit or vegetable beverages. Some of the stores that focus on health merchandise trade wheatgrass in forms such as:

Wheatgrass Tablets- Wheatgrass tablets are an easy way to get your daily dose of grass.  Simple and easy to take on the go or with your morning vitamins, these tablets can add an extra burst of nutrition and detoxification.

Wheatgrass Powder- Another great option for people who may actually like the taste of wheatgrass(such as myself) is a wheatgrass powder.  Because it is a powder, it will be absorbed more quickly into the body and for some is more digestible.   Just mix it with your favorite green drink or in a glass of water and your ready to go.

Wheatgrass Frozen juice
There are a few companies that actually sell frozen wheatgrass juice, so all you have to do is thaw out the cubes and your good to go.  Some feel this way preserves the more natural state of the juice as it does not have to be re-created from powder form.


How to Buy Wheatgrass?


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Finally, we know enough about wheatgrass to consider it something we should be taking everyday.  In addition we now have enough quality companies out there producing this stuff that we do not have to grow it in our own backyards, unless of course you want to.

There are many ways to prepare the wheatgrass for consumption and you should be aware of them so you can choose a company that produces a quality product.  The most common of all the processes, involves dehydration or freeze drying of the grass so as to easily grind it into its pulverized form.  Once in the pulverized form, the powder is either packaged or pressed into tablets.  Beware of any company that uses heat to dry its wheatgrass as heat can kill the plant sterols and many of the vital vitamins and nutrients.

Freshly harvested wheatgrass that is correctly dried undergoes meticulous process of dehydration and this is performed under low temperature so as to protect the naturally-occurring nutritional contents of the superfood. And then, the dried wheatgrass is pounded so as to produce a powder out of it and it is molded into tablets. The wheatgrass may also be sold as juice powder after extracting the water from the grass. Companies also prepare their wheatgrass product by having it undergo the process of freeze-drying or spray-drying.  Freeze drying is generally considered a quality way to produce a supplement, however spray drying is a cheaper and often less desirable way to produce a product and often results in a less vibrant product.

You also want to make sure your product is pure, meaning it does not have any fillers, binding agents or sweeteners added.  Why?  Because you don’t need it and you should not be paying for it.  If you want to add a sweetener later because of your palate then that’s great, do so, but you should not be paying for a low quality and often harmful sweetener that cheap brands put in their products.  Binding agents and fillers are just chemicals that you do not need or want, so look for 100% pure organic wheatgrass powder.

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