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The Goji Berry Plant- Goji Berry Nutrition & Benefits


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 The Goji Berry Plant

Goji Berries are arguably one of the most widely used nutritional food in the world.  Their famed nutritional powers date back centuries in Asian cultures and have recently spread to the western world. For a quick synopsis watch the Superfoods 101 video below.

Another of the powerhouse superfruits, Goji has turned into a massive industry as the news of its power has spread.  Now people all over the world are consuming goji berry teas, powders, capsules and even just the berries themselves on a daily basis.


What Are Goji Berries?

When you hear people talk about goji, their talking about the little red berry as seen in the picture above.  It is this berry that is otherwise knows as the Wolfberry,  Lycium barbarum or even the “happy berry.  The name Goji is actually a phoentic interprtation of the Chinese word “gouqi.”  In chinese the berries themselves are called “gouquizi”  with the zi referring to the seed or berry.

The term wolfberry (lycos is greek for wolf)  is most widely used in the English language although in the western hemisphere and the states Goji has taken over.  These berries grow on a plant that also produces flowers in addition to the goji berry fruit.

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Where Do Goji Berries Come From?

The goji berry is thought to have originated in the same region as the famed Moringa Oleifera plant, in the himalayan region of Tibet.  This area of India and Asia has produced some of the most powerful superfoods know to man.  Many believe that it is a plants ability to survive in such harsh conditions that make it so beneficial to consume.

China now is the largest produce or Goji Berries in the world and a vast majority of Goji Berries  used in nutritional supplements originate here.  They are primarily gown in wolfberry plantations along the fertile banks of the yellow river in the Ningxia region of China.  As referenced above, Goji berries grown on plants that can be intensively planted now for large cultivation.
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Goji Berry Nutrition & Benefits-

There is good reason for the Goji phenomenon that has swept the world, the berry has a vast array of extremely nutritious components.  Lets take a look at the major nutritional benefits of the Goji Berry.

Anti-oxidants- Goji Berries are one of the most potent forms of natural anti-oxidants available anywhere in the world. 

Vitamins- Goji contains a vast vitamin spectrum, including large amounts of essential vitamins such as vitamin’s C and B.

Minerals- The vast mineral spectrum found in goji berries is said to rival that of many vegetables and other superfruits and adds to this berries nutritional vibrancy.

Amino Acids- The goji berry contains 18 amino acids including all 8 essential amino acids. Because these acids cannot be created by the body, they must be supplied by diet and foods such as goji berries.

Carotenoids- Found in very few plant sources, carotenoids are extremely beneficial to everything from eye health to protection from sunlight.

Secretagogue- A rare polysaccharide found to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce Human Growth Hormone (hgh)

and more-

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Goji Supplements-

Goji Supplements now come in many forms due to the berry’s popularity. The main forms are listed below-

Dried Goji BerriesThe most popular form of goji berries available throughout the world.  You can buy fried goji berries in many places in stores and on the internet, but be wary as the quality levels vary drastically.  Always look for organic goji berries from a reputable source.

Goji Berry PowderA fine powder created from milling goji berries.  The powder is typically able to retain the nutritional vibrancy of the fruit and is becoming more and more popular. 

Goji Berry Drinks- Goji Berry Juice and drinks are also gaining popularity, but again be cautious as a lot of goji berry juices are watered down, so make sure your buying quality juice made from the whole berry.

and many more forms or variations of the above.

Top Recommended Goji Supplements

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Top Recommended Goji Juice: Genesis Today  Total Goji

Additionally Recommended Products-

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