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You’ve heard of Spirulina no doubt, well now its time to meet his cousin.  While Spirulina is a blue-green algae, Chlorella is a green algae and arguably the highest known source of Chlorophyll on the planet.  As our environment grows more and more toxic around us, its essential to have supplements like chlorella that can not only nourish but detoxify.

For a quick Chlorella overview, check out the Superfoods 101 video Below:

What is Chlorella?


Chlorella is a single cell green algae and part of the phylum Chlorophyta.  Chloros actually comes from the greek word for green and ella comes from the latin word for small, and thus you have small green algae.  This alga is is very small and sphere shaped.   It reproduces through photosynthesis and the amazing part about this algae is that it only requires sunlight, carbon dioxide, water, and minerals in order to complete the process of photosynthesis.  Amazing how life can come from so little.


Many people look to Chlorellaas one of the answers to the worlds ever shrinking food supply.  The ease of growth and the fast nutritional spectrum make this algae a prime candidate for the health and nutrition of the future.

In the beginning, this aglae was vastly overlooked because it was extremely hard to digest, thus making it useless to humans.  Luckily in 1975, Scientists discovered a way “break the cellular wall” of the algae thus rendering it 80% more digestible and ever since Chlorella has been revered as one of the world most powerful nutritional supplements.

Where does it come from?

Much like spirulina, chlorella is grown in fresh water throughout the world, however it is thought to be native to the islands of Japan.  It is referred to as micro-algae due to its microscopic size in comparison to other  strains.

Currently the vast majority of chlorella used for consumption is grown in aquatic ponds in controlled environments allowing for very high quality and very pure chlorella.  They are also currently experimenting with adding additional nutrients to the water in which the chlorella grows to increase the nutritional vibrancy.

chlorella in the wild

As mentioned above, chlorella has the ability to multiply rapidly which makes it a prime potential food source for the future in response to our ever growing population.  IT is said to reproduce as faster or in some cases even faster than some of the most well known high yield crops such as sugar cane.

What Are The Nutritional Benefits of Chlorella?



Protein- The figures point to the chlorophyll-filled chlorella as the alga that has been, more often than not, the subject studied by numerous researchers. It was discovered that this green alga contains protein in high levels that is why it can be a good substitute for the more expensive animal meat.

Chlorophyll- As supplied by the countless of research on chlorella, it was noted that this fresh water alga possesses the greatest concentration of chlorophyll. Derived from the statistics, 7 percent of the entire weight of this single-celled organism is the chlorophyll pigment.

Both the chlorophyll and the red blood cell pigment, hemoglobin, have comparable chemical configuration. Knowing chlorella as the best resource for chlorophyll, which can satisfy the human body needs, makes the alga important in treating certain conditions of the blood that are related to the hemoglobin. According to the scientists, chlorella is valuable in blood building and that it helps in increasing the number of red blood cells in the blood in cases of anemia.

Immunoboosters- Chlorella, though a unicellular entity, is one of the best defenses against cancer due to its high contents of nutrients. This green alga includes components, which are significant to human health, such as: the chlorophyll, protein, carbohydrates, amino acids, and vitamins (B, C, and E). These nutrients are important in boosting the immune system and a sturdy body resistance can efficiently fight off existing cancer cells and other microorganisms that can cause infection.

Vitamins and Minerals- Chlorella is sometimes called as the “whole food” as it contains loads of nutrients that are essential to human health. It has beta carotene, which functions in maintaining good eyesight, as well as the all vitamin B’s. As a matter of fact, chlorella holds greater amount of Vitamin B12 than the beef liver.

Aside from the important vitamins, the one-celled alga possesses quite a number of essential kinds of minerals such as: potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus. And, in small levels, chlorella has zinc, manganese, and iodine.

Detoxifier- When talking about detoxification, it has been found out that the green alga, chlorella, is considered as the best among all other organisms. The alga is a very good instrument for getting rid of impurities found in the human blood. Chlorella is also considered as such due to its unique ability to eliminate heavy metals (like mercury) as it has a quality that allows it to bind with the metal and it can leave the body while joined into one.

Food Digestion- Chlorella almost did not make it to the top list of good source of nutrients for human beings due to its poor digestibility as it has a very tough cell wall. But then, it was determined through a series of research that the single-celled organism can help in food digestion. Efficient digestion can be attributed to its function in transporting enzymes like chlorophyllase and pepsin.

Waste Removal- Aside from its importance in digestion, chlorella is also helpful in the elimination of body wastes. The intestines have a normal flora that assists in the successful removal of waste. Elimination becomes less bothering since the green alga works in facilitating thriving of the good bacteria within the bowel.

Antibiotic- In line with the alga’s function within the intestines, chlorella also maintains the growth of the normal flora all over the human body. On the other hand, it has the capability of exterminating all kinds of viruses and bacteria that can cause disease to an individual.

Nucleic Acids- A certain component of chlorella can be separated when it undergoes a certain procedure called electrophoresis and this element is known to be as the Chlorella Growth Factor or CGF. CGF includes both the RNA and DNA nucleic acids in large amounts.  This component is valuable in improving the protection of one’s body from infection and it also reduces the speed of aging.

Chlorella Growth Factor- The skin becomes taut as tissue repair is hastened by the Chlorella Growth Factor. In addition, it intensifies the strength and the processes that occur within a cell. Most importantly, the physical manifestations of the aging process can be lessened with the adequate intake of the green alga.

Physically, the fresh water alga is important in preserving a flawless skin as it functions in the following: toughening the nails, developing skin complexion, and increasing hair growth.  Furthermore, it has a role in decreasing a person’s appetite while keeping the body healthy with its nutrients. With less appetite for food, the person will have less difficulty in reducing his or her weight and a healthy-looking body may be attained.

Chlorella Supplements

types of chlorella


Chlorella is one of the most sought-after supplements as of the present. People find it satisfying to have a regular intake of this food supplement because of pleasing results such as strong immune system, rapid healing process, and weight loss.  Chlorella undergoes an intricate preparation and it starts by putting all of the algae together and these are then desiccated so that it would turn into a paste-like substance. The paste is then pounded in order to produce a powdery material that is emerald green in color. Lastly, the powder is molded into small tablets (or filled into capsules) and it is described in such a way that these have sea-like scent.

Chlorella supplements are mostly produced by various manufacturers in the form of:


Chlorella tablets are a simple and easy way to take your chlorella.  Take not, they are compressed at very high pressures, so some people may have problems digesting them.  Although rare, if for some reason you do, just go with the powder or capsules 😉

Chlorella capsules are sometimes easier to digest than the capsules although typically harder to find than the capsules.  This is another great option for taking your daily chlorella.

Powder- For those who have a harder time digesting the tablets or don’t want a capsule then powder is what your looking for.  Add it to smoothies or if you are hardcore, just mix it in some water and take it down.  Enjoy!

How to Buy Chlorella?

As with all supplement, you need to know where your product is coming from.  The easiest way other than tracing the source is stick to high quality companies who you know do their due diligence for you.  Companies such as Healthforce Nutritionals and other offered on Holistik Health.com are meticulous about all of their ingredients and sources so you don’t have to be.  You don’t want fillers, binding agents or any sort of preservatives, just the pure product of the sun….Chlorella.

Of course we have you covered with the worlds top Chlorella Supplements.  Enjoy!

Top Recommended Chlorella Supplements

Top Recommended Chlorella Tablets Product: Healthforce Chlorella Manna

Top Recommended Chlorella Powder Product: Healthforce Chlorella Manna

Additionally Recommended Products-

Budget Choice: Sun Chlorella

Healthforce Klamath Lake Algae: Elixir of The Lake

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  • A great deal of sicknesses appear to be on the
    rise worldwide. This is the reason sufferers are researching ways to minimize,
    handle and reverse the effects of most of these issues and the chlorella
    benefits cannot be ignored. A number of health problems that might
    benefit from the addition of chlorella in the diet may include all kinds of
    cancer, hypoglycemia, depression, intestinal ulcers and asthma.

  • I have been so committed to embracing Chlorella and have been using it in powder form.  At 1/2 teaspoon in the morning.  I consume it in about 10 oz of plain water.  Followed by a light breakfast and I start the day.  After about 5-7 days of this regiment, with no adverse affects, I have experienced what I call episodes.  Acute nausea takes over hours later (4-5) after what appears to be a normal day.  Followed by profuse sweating, throwing up, abdominal pain and distress, shortness of breath, and sometimes diarrhea.  I realize that this product is often times produced in Japan, however, the region where it is most popular is 1000s of miles away from the environmental disturbance, and the regulations are very strict for purity testing so I don’t have concerns there.  The internet is such a vast resource of information, and, as we all know, it surely becomes the source of bad information.  There are groups of people who even have websites devoted to information about the same symptoms of sickness and negative reactions to Chlorella.  I believe the information is misleading, in that I’ve learned that the Western diet has robbed us of the enzymes needed to digest super-foods like Chlorella.  And that this “sudden violent intestinal sickness” is not because the Chlorella is “bad,” but because, our bodies have lost the ability to breakdown and digest this very healthy food source.  And, it may take some patience and reducing the dosage to allow the body to adjust.  Perhaps this is more common than I know and perhaps there is another fruit or enzyme source that would aid the digestion of the Chlorella without reducing it’s benefits.  Do you have any thoughts?  Believe me that my determination to understand Chlorella is offset by my illness yesterday which almost lead me to a hospital emergency room for treatment!  Thank you from Lynn in NC.  

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