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Promote Memory and Cognitive Function with Vitamin D

Several studies have linked a lack of vitamin D to depression. Recent studies have further found that a lack of vitamin D could also impede the brain from processing information correctly and clearly.

Cognitive function, defined as a person’s ability to process thoughts, includes memory and the ability to learn new information, as well as speaking and reading comprehension. Many of us know that aging affects cognitive function, I mean how many of our parents or grandparents aren’t as sharp at remembering things as they used to? Memory loss and difficulty thinking of the right word are common with aging. Recently researchers are saying that a lack of vitamin D could be contributing to cognitive impairment in elders. If that’s the case, this is great knews! People could take a vitamin D supplement to keep their minds agile and their memory sharp as a tack.
Dr. Katherine Tucker, an epidemiologist at Tufts University in Boston, and her colleagues have studied over 1,000 senior citizens receiving home care. The researchers tested level of vitamin D in the blood of these people, ages 65 to 99, and compared it to the results of neuropsychological tests. The elders were then grouped into one of three groups: deficient vitamin D, insufficient, or sufficient vitamin D.
People who receive homecare don’t get enough vitamin D because they aren’t outside very much; therefore, not getting adequate exposure to sunlight. This was backed up by the studies, in which only 35% of the researched elders had sufficient vitamin D levels in their blood. The study further showed that the elders who did have sufficient vitamin D in the blood scored far better on cognitive tests than those who had insufficient or deficient vitamin D in the blood. People with sufficient vitamin D scored especially well on measures of executive performance – including cognitive flexibility, perceptual complexity, and reasoning. This study showed that vitamin D and cognitive function were strongly linked. With more research and further studies this could be a great find. Imagine a world where taking a simple vitamin D capsule could help you have a sharper mind when you are a senior. Simply put, it’d be awesome. Those fun memories wouldn’t be forgotten and the keys to the car wouldn’t constantly be going “missing.”

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