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Pangea Organics Company Review

Love being green, but wont give up your beauty and bath products? Well take it easy and take a step back from the curling iron, we found a solution for you, Pangea Organics.

Pangea actually happens to be the very first natural product company that we carried in our ecommerce store, so that has to tell you something. Let me start with the story of Pangea and then we can get into some more specifics.

Pangea Organics was founded by Joshua Onysko, but its not that simple.

Joshua Onysko

You see when josh was traveling the world, he realized that corporations were taking over the world and to really influence change there needed to more socially and economically responsible companies. So he got an idea to start an institute that would act as an incubator for startups and to influence change in existing corporations. Enter guy named Tom, tom says something along the lines of “Dude (I added that), you should start a soap company to fund the project and called it Pangea.” So that was it he was on the path, he moved to Boulder, Colorado a few days later, baked bread at Whole Foods during the day and made soap in his garage at night. Pangea Organics is currently the largest cold pressed soap manufacturer in the US and has been recognized with over 40 awards since 2006 for their sustainable and ecocentric business practices.

They started out with just soap but have since expanded the Pangea line into body wash, lotions, balancing oils, facial scrubs and toners and even lip balm. Every product Pangea produces strictly adhears to the companies mission statement “Ecocentric Bodycare; always beneficial, never artificial.”

Pangea uses ingredients that are organic, cruelty-free, handcrafted and fair trade certified. All of Pangea’s products are produced without petrochemicals, gmo’s or synthetic ingredients and begin to break down within 48 hours of use. Even their packaging is ecocentric and you can now simply plant the boxes in the oil and watch wildflowers grow in their place. Pangea products have received praise and awards at all levels of the industry and are now regarded as a top manufacturer of many bathroom staples.

Pangea Organics not only makes some of the top rated and most award winning products in the health and beauty industry today, but their commitment to responsible operation and awareness for future generations and corporations is a model for others in the field.


We are proud to carry the Pangea Organics line and respect and thank them for everything they do for our industry and our world.

Thank you.


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  • Awesome! I was just rereading something I posted on Pangea's Faceboob for Earth Day and I'm going to repost because you hit the nail on the head–and so has Pangea. And with the original pangea (mother earth) still bleeding oil into the ocean and hurricane season starting, it's something that bears repeating.


    I've been searching years to find a … See Moreshower gel that smells great, rinses well and is sulfate-free. Pangea made that and did it with the most incredible aromatherapy scent ever–I can shower in my own private forest any time I want. It's the shower gel I've always wanted.

    But in finding that shower gel I also found something even more important. A company whose bottom line is not the dollars but the sense. All the money in the world is useless if we destroy the world. Today's companies rush to make a quick profit will cost us all in the long run. We're killing the planet, destroying things we cannot replace.

    Petroleum products are causing a dependency on an area of the world that we'd like to forget, a part of the world that has a huge history of unrest, where our sustainability is sitting on a rapidly drying hotbed of controversy, hatred, and civil and religious unrest–and it will come back to haunt us all. Having a country with this level of international, financial and economic power dependent on such an unstable element means placing ourselves and our children at greater risk every day. Every drop of petrochemicals we use eats away at that disappearing future stability.

    If we can't manage to survive without fossil fuels and they are not renewable, what will we do when they have disappeared entirely? Do we guarantee famine by continuing to eat these resources recklessly or do we work to make the move towards sustainable resources which is also a step towards world peace? To me, using Pangea Organics is a step away from a dangerous, bloody, wartorn future and a step towards a safe, natural, ethical, peaceful Pangea.

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