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Nutrex Hawaii Company Review

Here at Holistik Health we are always looking for new companies that are putting out quality product and taking care of our world at the same time. Well, we found another and are proud to carry their products.

The companies name is Nutrex Hawaii and the are in my opinion the top Organic Spirulina producer in the world. Nutrex is actuall owned by its parent company Cyanotech Corporation (Nasdaq: CYAN) and has been bringing top quality nutritional algae products to the world for years.

Why algae? Well, scientists agree that in all likely hood, life as we know it stemmed from some form of algae. Blue green algae is single handedly responsible for all plant life here on earth that uses photosynthesis for energy. Now plants being the most beneficial natural food because of its natural occurring nutrients and vitamins, going to the root of how plants came to be, would only be beneficial. Not only is blue green algae the father of all plants we consume, it is also one of the best naturally occurring Superfoods available in the form of Spirulina. Nutrex is known for their super potent organic Spirulina. Spirulina has all the nutrients needed for life to evolve, and has it all in great abundance. Take a look at some of its stats


Per serving, Spirulina makes other look silly:

  • Spirulina has 2300% more iron than spinach
  • Spirulina has 3900% more beta carotene than carrots
  • Spirulina has 300% more calcium than whole milk
  • Spirulina has 375% more protein than tofu

From protein, to essential fatty acids, all the way to your most basic Vitamins like Vitamin C, all that exists in this dynamic superfood, so the health benefits of making this part of your diet are outstanding. But where does it exactly come from? Well let’s find out.

Spirulina is available through Cyanotech, which sells it through its Hawaii company Nutrex Hawaii, where the Spirulina is cultivated. Nutrex Hawaii is an 18 year old company located in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, boasting a 60 acre facility on the coast of Kona. Their missions statement is simple and sweet, they have an environmentally responsible philosophy in product development and production in high-value nutrition and health products derived from blue green micro algae. They focus on this one superfood, and extract all its health benefits to better the world for everyone.

The company is a firm believer in recycling and minimizing waste here on planet earth. They strongly promote the using of natural production methods and resources that employ extensive recycling of raw materials and nutrients. Doing this not only reduce the waste here on earth, but it lowers operating costs significantly. Cyanotech is also free of pesticides and herbicides, is erosion free, and does not have fertilizer runoff or water pollution. Now that’s saying a lot about the green movement. They are GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certified and operate under an ISO quality management system.

If that wasn’t enough, what truly sets them apart from the competition in the Spirulina game is the actual process they use to cultivate their blue green algae. Nutrex Hawaii grows its own blue green algae in ponds on their 60 acre facility, but what’s cool is the water used to fill these ponds, is water found 2000 feet below the Pacific Ocean, the same water found in Old Testament times, now that’s saying something. Being so deep, the water is a rich source of all 94 trace elements, calcium, and magnesium. The moment they are removed from the ponds, they undergo a patented ocean chill drying phase so none of the compounds in Spirulina is loss, and you receive all the health benefits in this amazing superfood. Total time from pond to bottled up for your convenience, a measly 30 minutes.

Ok, not to keep adding on but we have really only talked about their main product, Spirulina. Cyanotech also produces another product called BioAstin Natural Astaxanthin. bioastin-astaxanthin-60Astaxanthin is actually a pigment carotenoid found in marine environments. It’s actually the pigment that turns a salmon pink or a lobster red. It just so happens that Astaxanthin is also a very powerful antioxidant and anti-inflamatory and can provide these same benefits to the central nervous system. In addition, regular consumption actually reduces the effects of the suns rays on your skin. It is being called a sort of “internal sunscreen” and is starting to gain a lot of popularity, so keep an eye out for Astaxanthin and Bio-Astin as well.

Nutrex Hawaii is committed to bringing you the best spirulina and in the world. They have dedicated all their research into blue green algae, and are committed to being the go to source for your spirulina needs. We are honored to carry Nutrex Hawaii products and look forward to more great products from them in the future.

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