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Another Holistik Testimonial

I just got a very cool testimonial from a reader the other day and wanted to share it with you (p.s.- I’ll give you the twist at the end)

The emails reads as follows:

Update: First of all, I lost another 1½ pounds last week. Total of 11 pounds in 6 weeks. No specific health changes that I can point to, however. Of course, I’ve always been pretty healthy anyway. It’s good to start getting some weight off, because my joints are all starting to feel my age. So if I can reduce the stress on them . . . That will be a good thing! In April, I will get my bloodwork done again. I’m anxious to see what kind of changes will occur.

Eating Habits have changed: I am finding that my body doesn’t need as much food as I was giving it before. In the evening, I often find that a salad and maybe a bowl of soup is all I need for dinner. Still have a small bowl of whole-grain Cheerios for breakfast on the 4 days that I go off to work. But I put “natural” apple juice on the cereal, instead of milk and sugar. I have a fruit smoothie for breakfast the other 3 days.

I still haven’t converted completely to your plan. But, I’m getting there.

The other day I stopped at a coffee shop in Kremmling and ordered a fruit smoothie. As I watched them make it, they took a cup of ice and poured a heavy syrup over it and blended the two together. I asked to see the box that the syrup came in . . . (corn syrup, heavy fructose, artificial flavoring and 76 grams of sugar). I thanked them for the smoothie and dumped it in the trash on the way out the door.

All For Now…..Steve

How cool is that, not only is he seeing legitimate results in physique by losing weight, but also actually feeling his body operating at higher level with less actual food. Why? Because the food he is giving it now actually has nutrients and can sustain off of much less. I will be extremely interested to see the changes when that blood work comes back.

My favorite part of the email is the last part where he actually asks the clerk for the box of what they are putting in his “fruit smoothie” and then dumps it in the trash on the way out the door! Ha, love it. Its amazing what people pass off for healthy these days and eye opening when you start looking at ingredients. Not even labels, just the ingredients.

So Steve, thanks for the email, truly awesome.

Now for the kicker……Steve is my Dad!

No joke, probably one of the smartest and hardest working people I have ever met and to hear him provide this type of feedback is truly inspiring to me personally and I hope it is to all of you as well.

Thanks Dad,


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