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Navitas Naturals Company Review

Love super foods, but not quite sure what the best brands are?

Well, here at Holistik Health we strive to bring you the absolute best. And guess what? That’s Navitas Naturals. They provide high-quality, delicious superfoods AND the company is awesome! I’ll start off with their story and then we can delve into the specifics about the products and company.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, what does “navitas” mean? Well, “Navitas” is the Latin word for energy and that’s what is really cool about what their foods provide.   Just what the name implies, that premium, organic energy that keeps you going all day. Zach Adelman founded Navitas Naturals in 2003. He started out in the import-export business, which led him to Peru – home of the maca root. Adelman started the company selling only Maca. In time he grew his company to selling goji berries and various forms of cacao. Navitas started as a family owned and operated company; with Adelman’s wife in charge of the books and data and his two brother-in-laws also working for the company.
The company is certified organic, with its headquarters up in Marin, California (that’s north of San Francisco approaching the wine country). They ensure that all of their superfoods are trans-fat and additive free, guaranteeing that you always receiving the purest and the best.

Beyond the quality of their foods, is their social responsibility – one that sets a premium example for all other companies out there today. We all know pollution is getting worse, global warming is happening. It is time for companies to start taking a step in the right direction. Companies need to start rectifying their actions by not polluting and instead giving back to the environment from which they reap their profits. Navitas Naturals is doing this everyday. They stick to strict social and environmentally responsible business practices. They source their foods through direct partnerships with farmers around the world. This ensures that Navitas is not only getting the best, but also providing opportunities for indigenous people around the poorer communities of the world.

Through such partnerships they are expanding the practice of organic farming, and educating farmers of the importance of organic farming – who then spread the word to fellow farmers, friends and family. The company is Fair Trade certified and is unique because the farmers that they work with retain ownership of the land and get paid a fair wage. This provides the farmers with an economic source to provide for themselves and their families.

Adelman was quoted in 2009 saying, that his next step is to “expand our environmental consciousness and give back to environmental and educational organizations and certain non-governmental organizations in the regions we source product from.” Upon importing their products, the food is sent to a food lab where it is tested for microorganisms in order to ensure that the food is not contaminated. This is yet another example of Navitas’ dedication to providing you with the absolute best product available.

Going a little deeper… Navitas carries over 24 different superfood categories. Their foods are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals – the basic nutrients that are absolutely essential to any daily diet.

Why are they essential?

Antioxidants prevent oxidative stress, which can damage or even kill your skin cells. Antioxidants have even been linked in helping prevent cancers.

Vitamins are important to everything from your eyesight, to ensuring that your nervous system works properly, to the strengthening of your bones. Simply put, you have to have vitamins to lead a healthy life.

Minerals are essential for overall health, and deficiencies can be devastating. Minerals are components of your body tissues and work in collaboration with vitamins to ensure your body stays health. Minerals help to activate enzymes – catalysts – functioning in the cells to accelerate chemical reactions, aka your metabolism.

All of the above are kinda important, don’t you think? More like vital to your survival and Navitas packs their organic products full of them! Many of Navitas’ products are raw, vegan, kosher, gluten-free and of course 100% organic. They ensure that you are putting only the best into your body, because you deserve it.

All around Navitas Naturals, is an impressive company and that is exactly why we provide you with their products. We have tested them and are proud to carry their products.

Check them out for yourself and add a little NAVITAS to your life.

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