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Hitting The Bullseye on the Wrong Target

I must admit, that not too long ago I did not ask very many questions. I sat back and took the news that the media gave me and ate the food that I was told was healthy. Its been a real eye opening experience since I have started asking questions about where my food comes from and why or if I should take medicines. In fact, its been pretty shocking.


The more and more I learn the more and more I am amazed at how often we as a country and a people focus on the wrong goals. Its like driving 20 miles out of you way to save 5 cents on a gallon of gas. We are constantly hitting the bulls eye on the wrong target and a recent post from Natural News and holistic nutritionist Mike Adams hits the nail on the head…

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He has been talking about the overhype of H1N1 since the beginning and has been urging all not to get flu shots as the vaccine is untested. He has also brought light that this “outbreak” has been getting a lot of publicity and public attention, but at the end of the day, ordinary Asprin has still killed 4 times as many people this year than the dreaded h1n1 virus.

How unreal is that, its the biggest story in America and yet bottles that we are selling willingly to minors are killing 4 times as many people. It seems we have missed the mark and focused on the wrong target. Nailed the bulls eye, got the word out for sure, but again the wrong target. Same a focusing more on health care and pharmaceuticals rather than on what is actually making people sick in the first place, the food. So again we spend billions every single year figuring out how to cure diseases and that we could prevent with simple changes in our diet and teh way we grow and produce food! ha its a little shocking i know.

The good news is change is coming, there is always an awakening before large change and that awakening has begun.

Mike as always, thanks for shooting us all straight and keep pumping out the good info. For those of you who have not read his blog be sure to check it out at NaturalNews.com

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