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Week 1 – Eliminate

It’s interesting, when most people come to me and ask “How do I get healthy?” they are often assuming I am going to tell them to put something into the body.  In all reality the first thing I always tell people is to first take things out.  The biggest wins or the low hanging fruit in most people’s health goal are in fact the things that we need to eliminate from our diets and our lives.

Everyday we are feeding our bodies the fuel it needs to survive and to either thrive or suffer.  The amazing thing about your body however is that regardless of all the abuse it may have taken over the years, it CAN heal.  Our bodies are amazing healing machines so do not ever tell yourself that you cannot due it because of X.  You can, its just about taking the first step.  Two encouraging quotes for you to drive the point home-

“Marathon runners all say the same thing, the hardest step in any marathon is always the first step” -Anonymous
“Sometimes the only way forward is to stop, turn around and go 180 degrees in the other direction” – Yvon Chouinard founder of Patagonia

So realize that you can do it, but we need to stop putting things into our bodies that hurt it before we start to heal it or it will never fully turn around.  So, first we need to eliminate toxic chemicals, artificial sweeteners (aka toxic chemicals), artificial hormones, genetically modified foods, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, larva-cides, empty calories and of course ignorance from our lives.

We need to start asking the right questions such as.  Where did this meat come from?  What was it fed?  What is in the drink?  What kind of sweetener is in this product? Why can’t I pronounce any of the ingredients in my food?  Why does my food make me tired?  Why does my diet give me no energy?  Why was I told lies (aka marketing) about food my whole life?

It’s ok, we have all been there.  It’s called the awakening and everyone must go through it before they can move to the next level of health.  It’s about saying I choose to no longer be ignorant about where my food comes from and about what I put in my body and I choose to start being healthy.  That is the first step.  Now we eliminate.

This includes but is not limited to:

-Soda, Energy Drinks…etc-

-Artificial Sweeteners




-Conventional Meats and Poultry

-White Flour




Start with these.

I know it may sound hard, but this is the first step.

All the vitamins and other lifestyle changes in the world cannot help you is you still smoke, drink coffee and soda and continue to eat contaminated foods, it just wont.  That is why they call diabetes Type II “incurable” and tell people they will be on insulin the rest of their life.  Because, if you continue with your current lifestyle, they are right, it is incurable.

That said, it has been proven that when the body is given the right foods and releases all the past toxins it can heal extremely fast.  They have even shown in studies people “curing” themselves of diabetes in 30 days.  Not reduced insulin, but full 100% cured, no more insulin, you are cured of diabetes type II, welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.  Check it out…

Trying to treat the symptoms and not the source is a moot point, its not going to work.

The first step in an oil spill cleanup is what?  Make sure the oil has stopped pouring into the ocean.  You can’t just keep cleaning up if the oil is still pouring in, it will never work.  You need to stop the bleeding at the source.

Stop hurting your body and it WILL start to heal, I promise you that!

So your homework for the following week is this:

  • Make a commitment to yourself to fully apply yourself for the next 8 weeks.  Know that in 8 short weeks,just 60 days, you will be happier, healthy, have more energy and a completely new outlook on life.  It will not always be easy, but set your intention on what is most important to you (wife, kids, spouse, family, your health..etc) and commit to seeing this through.
  • Make a list of the items above that you consume and vow to remove them from your life.  Do whatever it takes.  This is everything.  The next 7 weeks will not matter if you do not commit to this very first week.  You NEED to stop poisoning your body.  Replace what you need to with a healthier alternative and eliminate everything else.
  • Start asking questions.  Question everything.  Start reading ingredients, start looking at sugars, sodium levels and fat content.  Start asking where your food is coming from.
  • Find a local farmers market and shift your food purchasing habits.  Not only can you save money, but you also support the local organic economy, meet great people and support sustainability on the planet.  All good positive things.
  • Start learning the truth about food, health and vitality.  Start reading independent sources on health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.  Stop listening to marketing propaganda from large companies and start making decisions for yourself.

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