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Food Inc. – A Must See Movie!

It’s no longer cool to sit back, get diabetes, get heart disease and not know why.

It’s no longer cool to say “I wont change my ways”

It’s no longer cool to not ask questions.

We all have a responsibility to start asking questions. Lots of them about the food we are eating. Where does it come from, how is it made and is it making me sick? That is what Food Inc. is all about, answering those questions.

Check out the trailer here…..

It is part of the awakening that you’ll hear me speak about. When mainstream media gets a hold of a dirty little secret its only a matter of time before change happens and trust me that’s a really good thing in this case!

Food Inc. takes a look at the corporation that food has become and how the vast majority of companies and products are not only unhealthy for you, but ultimately controlled by the same people. There is also an empowering addition to the movie where you really realize that ultimately we the people control the outcome. Every time we buy food, we are voting and the same goes for supplements. If it keeps making money they will keep producing it, but when enough people vote for the right products that are produced the right way by the right people we can truly change an industry.

So go ahead, rent it, watch it online do whatever, just really take the time and hear some of the truths that are starting to come out about the food people are eating.

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