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FDA to Push for Egg Pasteurization

The FDA is using the recent egg recall for potential salmonella to push its pasteurization agenda. They are urging restaurants and grocery stores to stock their shelves with pasteurized eggs in replace of raw ones.

The number of salmonella cases being reported has been steadily rising over the course of the summer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that over 200 cases per week were being reported during June and July – compared to the average 50 illnesses reported per week. These large numbers have increased pressure on the FDA for a quick response.
In response to the salmonella outbreak, the FDA has called for all eggs to be cooked before being sold to consumers. This is their solution instead of addressing the actual root of the problem – contaminated, filthy industrialized food production systems. After recent spinach and tomato recalls, the FDA made similar recommendations. They advocated produce irradiation as the solution to the salmonella outbreaks. This still fails to address the cause of the problem.
As evidenced by recurring outbreaks, the industrial food system is unhealthy and unsound. The methods typically used to raise both animals and produce is typically unsanitary and even toxic. Such conditions are responsible for the disgusting food contamination. This is all the more reason to opt for organic and naturally raised food. Raising food using these methods mirror the way nature intended and thus they do not become contaminated with salmonella. Even though we know this to be true, the FDA refuses to view this as a viable solution. They instead ignore the root of the problems and push for killing food rather than trying to clean up the contaminated system and fix the problem.

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