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The Story

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The Story of Holistik Health is fairly simple.

One day I started digging. No, not in my back yard, into the truth about the foods I had been eating my whole life. Digging into what I thought were the “facts” about health and nutrition. Digging into what all these drugs and chemicals I use on a daily basis really were and how they were affecting my body. Basically I was floored when I learned that pretty much everything I thought I knew about health was more or less just “marketing” by companies.

That’s when I knew I was not the only one who was left in the dark and I decided to change that. I think everyone deserves access to true and accurate information and supplementation. You’ll always get the whole story from me, no punches pulled and If I sell it in the store, you know that its passed my tests and is more or less the best form of the supplement available on the planet. Its all about getting involved, learning, changing a few things about your lifestyle and you will feel better and live longer. Its really not that hard of a concept, I think you get it.

So get after it, start learning, get involved, buy some quality supplements (that was a shameless plug for my store I hope you know) and feel better.

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