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515 Chemicals on Your Skin -New Biosen Study

What does the number 515 have to do with health?


Well a lot actually due to a recent study by deodorant firm Biosen, because 515 is the average number of chemicals a woman applies to her body every single day!

Over 500 chemicals! That sounds crazy, but if you think about it each product that you use, whether its the nail polish, the perfume, the face wash or even the makeup contains on average at least 20 ingredients, most of which are chemicals.

Ok, so now you see how its possible but think about this. There is more than one way to absorb substances. You can ingest them through your mouth like food, but you can also absorb substances through your skin! Whatever you put on your skin will be absorbed into your body.

So take a look at all the chemicals in all of your products. Are they natural or are they synthetic. Are they found in nature or are them completely man made? Is it something you would put into your body through your mouth? Because if not, why would you put it into your body through absorption?

I bet you will be surprised when you start thinking about everything that comes in contact with your skin like this. What about toothpaste? What about deodorant? What about hair gel? Time to start thinking about the true benefit of a natural lifestyle….. a body containing only natural products and not harsh chemicals.

Yea, this is your wake up call.


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